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Do you know the difference between asking yourself, “Is there a single shemale near me?” and “Man, I’m having so many hookups with trans singles that I need to slow down…”? For guys who join, that difference is usually around two months.

During that time, they meet numerous local singles. As many as they want, actually. New members are joining daily. Yet, more importantly, they meet some of those singles in person and hook up with them.

This site is created only for the US market, so the number of trans you see after registration is realistic. We know how frustrating it is to log in to the site, check the number of active members, and see that it’s over 30 million.

And then you turn on the geolocation filter only to learn that 99% of the community doesn’t live in the US. Those who do may be living five states away.

But here, that can’t happen.

Singles join this site to find local transvestites, not to chat with trans people on the other continent. That’s a waste of time. And we all know you’d rather be wasting condoms.

Don’t Let Any Transgender Hookup Slip Through Your Fingers


No matter how many trans women are on this shemale dating site, you can’t expect to create a profile, let it rot there, and log in every 7 days to get all the hookups. Things don’t work like that in the real world.

If a dating coach or whoever told you that you should play hard to get on dating sites, fire them and invest that money into something better… Maybe the outfit for your first hookup with a shemale you’ll meet here.

Because those who wait don’t date.

Yet those who create a profile and spend a couple of hours on the site get all the fun. The algorithm treats them better because activity is one of the factors for getting more visibility. But they organically get in touch with more people.

Combine that with the rest of Chicks2fuck features, and you get a clear answer to the question…

What If You Don’t Get a Transsexual Hookup on Chicks2fuck?

We want you to have the best possible experience on Chicks2fuck. So, there’s no guarantee.

You may wonder how that makes sense, but when you think about it, having no guarantee is the ultimate guarantee. Those who promise mountains if you don’t achieve results know you can’t get the ideal outcome. In the case of online dating platforms, such risk-reversals are usually all the same. Those who don’t get a hookup in the first 90 days get X more days of premium membership for free.

And that’s insulting towards you, a man looking to meet a local trans woman and hot transsexuals in your area.

If you couldn’t get results in the first 90 days, what makes you think you would get any in the next 90 days? Nothing.

That’s why - we have no guarantee.

But not because we think you can’t get hooked up with transsexuals on our site. If you’re anything like some other men in the community, you’ll get tired of hookups within 2 months. Then you may take a little break…

But you’ll always know that your profile is waiting for you. And you’ll already have experience in seducing local shemale women.

Why Do Men Who Want to Hook Up With Single Transsexuals Join?

Yes. That answer might be clear. A man joins this dating platform to meet a local transgender. But even though it’s clear, that answer is not complete because this isn’t the only site that connects US trans and those fantasizing about them.

But there’s more than one car brand, smartphone brand, more than one anything... What does that mean? That we aren’t all the same. We have individual preferences.


When it comes to quality, we all tend to agree.

You will never hear anyone say that the Honda Civic is better than the Mercedes S-class.

There are levels in every industry. And there are those who set levels and those who desperately try to reach them. is a terrible follower but a great industry leader.

So, with every update we release, the gap between random trans sites and the best shemale dating site in the US gets wider. And those aren’t only our words. Our algorithm, features, and community helped countless guys go from: “There are 0 shemales in my area” to “Can’t wait to meet my next trans partner online.”

What Makes This Shemale Dating Site Special?

This isn’t one of the sites that promises guys to meet a local trans woman, only for them to realize that the closest trans lives 924 miles away.

This site is made for, and only for, American singles. That’s why it’s the simplest way for everyone currently in the US to find local transvestites seeking hookups. A clean, healthy, growing community would be enough to stand above our competition, but you get a lot more than that…

  • Accurate geolocation filter - combine with other filters to browse thousands of profiles.
  • Smooth Video Chat - there’s no staring at the frozen screen while you chat with hot transsexuals in your area.
  • Fair Algorithm - Chicks2fuck is not a pay-to-win site.

You know what? Let us explain that a bit.

Almost every dating platform of this level has a special feature that lets them take more money from their members.

We don’t.

There are no “Boost my profile” or similar features that lose value after everyone pays for them. Here, guys get hooked up with transsexuals without additional costs. Yes, unlimited chat is a premium feature. But only because we insist on keeping the community clean.

Sites that let everyone send messages to all other members soon become full of fake profiles. And our members are thankful for protecting them from such people. That small fee they have to invest to be among other singles seeking trans hookups is nothing compared to the feeling of safety they experience.