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Do you know what's the only thing worse than dealing with guys who slide into your DMs on dating sites even though they live 3 continents away? Realizing that the feature supposed to save you from the noise doesn't work.

Using the "Find Gay Sex Near Me" filter (various sites give it different names, but it's the same feature) should hide everyone who isn't in the same area as you. But, as you probably know from experience, most dating sites can't get their geolocation to work.

That means you either see a bunch of guys who seem to be close to you even though they aren't. (Which you usually find out in chat. Which means you waste time you could spend looking for gay hookups with guys close by.)

Or that the "Find Gay Hookup Near Me" filter (or however) doesn't even work. You realize that immediately because the search results don't change with and without the filter.

What's a solution for that?

Back to manual searching and asking every hunk on that gay man's hookup site about his location.

Or… A plan that actually brings results.

Start with the free registration to Chicks2fuck and join a community full of local gay men seeking men. Then go to filters and check all the boxes you wish (body type, height, of course - location)...

You will see magic… At least it will feel like that because you'll finally be sure all those men seeking men are near you.

New Members Get the Most M4M Hookups Here

And no, it's not only because this is a localized gay men hookup site that basically doesn't exist for anyone outside the US. Not even because we don't try to spare money on features, so this might be the only gay site with accurate geolocation.

Not even because we invest insane amounts in marketing to get more members from all states… Don't get us wrong, the community is already big. Horny guys are waiting for new members to join in all parts of the country. And since Chicks2fuck still isn't a mainstream platform, new members have the best experience.

Men Here Actually Want To Find Gay Men Nearby

Put yourself in the position of one of our current members. You joined this gay men hookup site 2 weeks ago. In that time, you connected with 20+ guys, most of them in your area. You get on a video call with most of them. There's no wasting time…

And because of that, you manage to get 3 hookups with 3 different gays you met on the site. Yet, you realize that the rest of them aren't your ideal matches.

Now, you have proof that the site works. Men are actually looking for gay sex here. But there are no new members in your area. (Of course, you'll always have numbers from those 3 guys, and a booty call is always an option.)Yet, you want someone new. So the moment you realize new local guys joined, you jump on them. And now imagine how good it feels to be that new guy…

Soon, You'll Realize That Who Are Gay Hook Up Online All the Time

We could describe how the first couple of weeks on this site will look for you (unless you're living in the most remote area ever)...


If you could imagine yourself as a gay guy who got hookups here and now can't wait to see the next hunk from his area come online, you know that in the first couple of weeks, you probably won't have to do any browsing…

All you'll be doing is checking your inbox and picking local gay men seeking men you'd like to meet in person. It's exciting to sleep with new people. Guys here want to give themselves the best chance to do it as often as possible.

Use that to your advantage while you're still new on this men-seeking men platform. After that, you'll be the one looking for fresh matches… And some of them will pick you.

This is the Only 100% Anonymous Gay Hookup Platform!

Many guys have their first gay experience with men they meet online. One of the reasons is that they want to stay anonymous. If you can't reveal your real identity for any reason (we don't ask questions), you can stay 100% anonymous and still get a lot of M4M hookups here.

If you did research (and we hope you did), you know that most sites claim to be discreet, only to force members to upload real pictures as their profile photos. Guys seeking hookups who want to stay discreet sometimes even get reported as fake profiles on such sites because they chose to be active without uploading any profile photo. Of course, it makes sense that other guys looking for gay dates raise an eyebrow when someone avoids showing their face.

But some men have reasons for insisting on privacy… Unsupportive family, work, living in a homophobic area… You can't know what's happening in someone's life. Yet people are quick to judge.

Yet we understand that it's easier to send a photo of your face (or other stuff) to someone in chat after you create an initial contact. So, we're proud to say that more and more gays seeking hookups see this site as their sanctuary.

A place where they can be themselves and pursue what (and who) they want.