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Would you like to arrange a sex date in Ireland, or with an Irish single wherever you happen to be? If you haven't considered Irish hookups before, perhaps it might help if your appetite was whetted with why Ireland and the Irish are synonymous with red hot passion.

  • The Irish are renowned for 'the craic.' If you're unfamiliar with this term, it means 'fun and good times.' If you drop by any bar, social club, nightclub, or indeed pretty much any social setting in either the Republic or Northern Ireland, you'll come across friendly people – any one of whom would make an ideal partner.
  • Easy-going is a character trait that was practically invented to describe the Irish. No matter what stresses you might be going through, getting into the company of a twinkly-eyed Irish single will instantly lift your spirits.
  • The Irish are well known for their huge sense of humour. The first step towards arranging sex dating in Ireland is breaking the ice and establishing a strong sense of chemistry. A few hours of banter and merrymaking will put you in the mood for casual flings you'll never forget!
  • The accent is recognised the world over. Whether the speaker is chatting you up with a singalong Belfast brogue, or whispering sweet nothings with a seductive Dublin tone, Irish voices are often described as 'capable of charming the birds from the trees.' Who needs Viagra when an Emerald Isle lilt is taking center-stage, and demanding all the attention?

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Each of these delectable singles will have uploaded their details to this website for the same reason – they are eager to commit to a series of hot hookups with Hibernians (the Ancient Roman name for the Irish!) Don't fret if you think you might get a little tongue-tied when you meet a lovable Irish person who causes your heart to skip a beat. Nine times out of 10, they'll do all the chatting, or in the virtual world, the flirty texting! After the ice has been broken, you'll discover your own inner flirt coming to the fore rapidly.

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